GandiCloud VPS API

Introduction ΒΆ

The GandiCloud VPS product is based on the OpenStack project. The OpenStack project has its own APIs which we are exposing without any modifications: it is then possible to use all the tooling relying on the OpenStack public API (such as Terraform).

OpenStack public API authentication

To use the GandiCloud OpenStack public API, it is required to set credentials and endpoints. The configuration is described in the GandiCloud product documentation.

OpenStack public API documentation

We are currently using the Victoria release. The OpenStack API documenation entry point is

OpenStack is composed of several subprojects. The following list describes APIs of all OpenStack components used by the GandiCloud VPS product:

GandiCloud VPS product documentation

For information about the GandiCloud VPS product itself (authentication, billing, etc.), please refer to its documentation.