General Documentation for Gandi's Public API


Welcome to Gandi's v5 API!

Gandi provides remote RESTful APIs over HTTPS, making it easy to manage your products and build third-party applications.

This document is a complete reference guide to using Gandi's v5 API.

Please note that this API is currently in BETA testing, so care should be taken when used in production.

If you encounter any errors and need assistance, please use our online form to contact our customer support team.

RESTful interface


All connections to must be issued over HTTPS.


Gandi's API does not maintain sessions. In other words, a request does not depend on previous requests, only its arguments. It only provides object descriptions.

Rate limit

Gandi's API is rate limited; you can perform a maximum of 30 requests per minute from the same IP address.


Every request to Gandi's API requires authentication. This is why all our routes require a unique Gandi API Key in its headers. If you don’t have one yet, you can generate your production API key from the API Key Page (in the Security section).

Say your API Key is 0123456, every request you perform must contain the followin HTTP header:

Authorization: Apikey 0123456

Sharing ID

You can pass one of your organization IDs with the sharing_id query string parameter for some requests. This parameter, unless stated otherwise, serves two purposes:

  • for GET requests on collections, it acts like a filter on returned data.
  • for POST, PATCH, or PUT requests that trigger a payment, it indicates the organization that will pay for the ordered product.

You can retrieve your organization list using the Organization API